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Our Mission and Company Values

Caves & Associates Mission and Company Values

The creation and retention of wealth in uncertain economic times is always a challenge.  Change is continuous and obstacles abundant,  some of our own making. Conflicting alternatives are often presented, some by advisors who sell proprietary products, or whose agendas are not in the client’s best interest.

Our MISSION is to help our clients build and protect net worth and also achieve an increased sense of  financial security.  To do so, we believe it is imperative to increase our clients understanding of financial matters, empower them by an enhanced financial IQ, and put them at ease based on our competence, objectivity, and role as a fiduciary respecting their financial matters.

What we do:

  • We assist clients in identifying, prioritizing, and achieving financial goals.
  • We develop alternative approaches and spot technical and practical issues.
  • We consider non-financial, personal, multi-generational, and family concerns, as appropriate, and also strive to simplify our client’s lives.
  • We provide customized, cost-effective financial planning advice, investment consulting, and portfolio management services.
  • Our primary services focus on providing superior, unbiased, wealth building strategies and timely implementation.

Who we work for:

We serve owners of closely held businesses, professionals, executives, select individuals, and small institutions.

How we do it:

First of all, we “put it in writing.” For example, we insist upon written investment policies. Second, we work with our clients in a process consistent with our company values designed to:

  • Discover needs, past experiences relative to what has and has not worked, and the ideal for the future.
  • Explore and design superior plans to achieve goals and surmount obstacles.
  • Prefer simple and reliable solutions as contrasted with those that are complicated, risky, or difficult to administer and monitor.
  • Implement a practical plan with a commitment to administration and long-term, quality service in pursuit of goals and peace of mind.

To ensure the highest quality, we work with our clients CPA’s and attorneys in the areas of income tax and estate planning. We have no proprietary products; the only product is advice.

How we are paid:

On a fee-only basis. Much of our investment planning and all of our financial planning are conducted on an hourly basis. On-going portfolio supervision, which is at the client’s option, is typically billed largely on a percent of assets basis.


Exercise complete honesty, integrity, and objectivity in dealing with all client matters, always placing the interests of clients before those of Caves & Associates and any outside parties.

Maintain confidentiality of all client information.

Fully disclose fees and any other forms of compensation.

Scrutinize expenses of operation in order to minimize C&A’s fees as well as costs of outside providers of products and services to our clients.

Utilize up-to-date approaches and service providers based on the latest financial planning and money management techniques and research.

Exhibit humane, honest, and ethical dealings with all company employees and outside parties doing business with Caves & Associates.

Retain balance between professional and personal life and participate in the surrounding community to enhance financial awareness and ethical business practice.